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How to leave no trace while travelling

The Leave No Trace Principles have been developed to minimise impacts to the natural environment. Following the basic principles will allow you to enjoy your holiday in a sustainable manor that will preserve our most loved places for generations to come.

The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors. They can be applied anywhere — from remote wilderness areas, to local parks. Each Principle covers a specific topic and provides detailed information for minimizing impacts. We have taken the information that is relevant to a motorhome holiday and summarised it for you below.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Weather Conditions – Our motorhomes will provide a nice warm safe place of refuge. However, be sure to bring appropriate clothing and resources if you are planning to venture into the outdoors. The weather can turn quickly and you are best being prepared. Avoid travel in extreme weather.

Planning ahead. Planning your trip in advance will not only ensure you maximise your enjoyment; it will also help protect our environment. Please give some thought to the following:

Timing – plan your journeys and stops in advance. Try to avoid travelling on busy roads at peak times and getting stuck in traffic.

Bring the right equipment– correct footwear will help prevent damage to the natural terrain. Plan for the activities you will be doing and bring whatever equipment you will need. Consider items like maps, torches etc.

Don’t forget to ensure your motorhome is fully stocked with everything you need before you go. Find out what’s included in your vehicle and consider any extras you will need before you go. See our kit list for more information.

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

When walking or hiking try to stick to well established trails. When setting up a camp or area for activities try to use resilient types of terrain or hard surfaces such as rock, gravel or dry grass.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Anything left behind will affect the environment, wildlife and other people. Make sure all waste is disposed of appropriately.

The vehicles grey and black water tanks should be disposed of at a suitable facility at a campsite for example.

Pet waste, particularly in urban areas, should be bagged and placed in the appropriate bins.

Rubbish, litter & leftover food should be taken home or disposed of in an appropriate bin.

Leave What You Find

Avoid picking plants or flowers to bring home. Similarly, leave rocks and other natural items where you find them so that others can enjoy discovering them.

No-one is saying not to build a sandcastle, but don’t build structures, make site alterations or dig holes elsewhere.

Don’t cause damage to plant life or natural habitat and avoid hanging items from trees

Minimise Campfire Impact

Campfires can bring a warming sense of togetherness, but they can also have a lasting negative impact on the environment. Avoid having a campfires at all unless you are competent and can do so safely. If there has been a sustained period of dry weather do not light any sort of wild fire as it could spread out of control.

Use mount fires, campsite facilities or fire rings if available.

Keep campfires small and extinguish them completely before leaving. Never leave them unattended.

Don’t burn anything that produces toxic fumes including plastic.

Return the campfire site to as normal of a state as possible before leaving.

Respect Wildlife

Avoid interacting with or spooking any animals including wildlife and livestock. Observe and enjoy them from a distance.

Keep control of any pets.

Do not feed animals and keep food supplies and rubbish out of their reach.

Be Considerate to Other Visitors

The goal of Leave No Trace, is to create sustainable tourism in these areas without affecting nature. Following the principles is the best way to do this and allows every person to enjoy the same experience as you. Don’t forget to also be considerate of others, try to be courteous, avoid loud noises, camp away from trails and above all, respect everyone’s experience.

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