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Recommended Routes

Motorhomes allow you to be spontaneous and go where the wind blows. However, we do recommend doing your own research and putting together an itinerary prior to your trip. This will help you maximise your enjoyment and time on the road. Please read our Motorhome Rental Advice Guide for some more information on this.

Below are some popular tourist routes/areas on the island of Ireland that we personally recommend. We encourage you to take your motorhome further afield into Mainland UK and onwards to Europe if you wish. There are also many other locations to be enjoyed. Feel free to split any of these routes into sections and jump on and off wherever you wish.

Not sure where to stay while on the road?

There are several different options for staying overnight with your motorhome. As always it is recommended to do your research before you travel and have a plan or an itinerary for your journey including your overnight stays.

How to leave no trace while travelling

The Leave No Trace Principles have been developed to minimise impacts to the natural environment. Following the basic principles will allow you to enjoy your holiday in a sustainable manor
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